Please join Ivy Slater and Julie Fleming on Thursday, November 19 at 1 PM ET/noon CT/10 AM PT for the next webinar in our new series...


Mastering Your Time for Greatest Profit: Blending Year-End Billable Responsibilities and Holiday Relationship Development to Build Your 2021 Foundation. 


When the pandemic shut down businesses and cities, many people scrambled to find ways to connect with their contacts since face-to-face networking was suddenly off the table, and how to initiate new business relationships started to feel more daunting than ever before. As restrictions have eased in some places, limited face-to-face networking may have started to resume. But let's face it: 2020 has taught us about the need to embrace virtual and remote networking, and 2021 promises more of the same. 

Join Julie and Ivy as they discuss...

Mastering Your Time for Greatest Profit: Blending Year-End Billable Responsibilities and Holiday Relationship Development to Build Your 2021 Foundation
Thursday, Nov. 19, 1 PM ET/10 AM PT
As we move into year's end in perhaps the most unexpected years in recent memory, many of the usual year-end tasks remain: client work deadlines, 2020 review, and 2021 planning, holiday gifts, holiday cards, holiday socializing... How to manage it all? Join Ivy and Julie as we discuss:
  • How to manage the push of year-end time commitments, especially in today's uncertain environment
  • How to conduct your traditional holiday outreach in a virtual or remote world (and how to explore whether face-to-face is an option)
  • How to begin your year-end review so that you can design an evidence-based approach to grow your practice in 2021
  • How to see the holidays in a new light with less stress, more enjoyment, and strategic actions for business
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