You are most likely tired of the term "new normal."

Aren’t we all?


It’s time to face the unusual times we are living in, take fresh action, and work toward our vision of a profitable practice, no matter what circumstances may come. 


I’ve joined forces with my friend and business coach colleague Ivy Slater to bring you a webinar series designed to help you do just that. Check out the video below for details on our first session titled: “The Human Touch of Rainmaking.” If you’d  prefer to read than to watch a video, scroll below the video for a quick recap of what we will cover.


Join us on September 23rd at 5 pm EDT/2 pm PDT as we discuss that:.

  • No time is the right time; the time is now. There’s always a reason not to reach out or to wait to talk to someone. That doesn’t serve you or your practice. We’ll share tips that will keep you moving no matter what may be going on in the world, and we’ll discuss the human touch that is both sensitive to current circumstances and focused on business.

  • Your network is your net worth. You’ve heard this many times, but have you embraced it? Are you connecting with people in a way that truly nets you results? We’ll discuss what that means, especially in an time when face-to-face networking is difficult or impossible. 

  • The ASK. How do you go from conversation to closing? Develop a rhythm in your discussions and establish a confident and effective way to approach The Ask every single time. 
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Don’t miss out on what’s possible right now. There’s opportunity everywhere -- yes, even in today’s extraordinary environment. Join this series and build your action plan to bring 2020 to a successful close with fresh ideas and consistent support.