Feeling like the
  “best kept secret”
in your area of practice?

Frustrated when you see less skilled, less experienced competitors getting the work you’d like to have?

  • Want to build a strong, professional reputation as a practitioner, without feeling like you have to be your own press agent?
  • It’s a simple problem: if potential clients and referral sources can’t find you, they can’t hire you.
  • If they don’t understand exactly what you do, and what problems you solve, they won’t understand how you can help them.
It doesn’t matter how strong you believe your marketing message is.

If you don’t match your strengths to a prospective client’s challenges, it won’t work.

You will not win that client.

You may feel anguished. Invisible.

Fighting to be seen above a teeming horde of competitors.

A lot of lawyers feel these frustrations.

You don’t have to.

You can establish a strong practitioner brand. A brand relying on your skills and resources to inform a marketing message that speaks directly to your ideal client.

Ready To Expand Your Marketing Influence And Heighten Your Visibility In Only 90 Days?

  • How to define who you are as a practitioner.
  • How to understand your own tendencies concerning marketing, and the assets available to you.
  • How to accurately define your ideal clients and referral sources.
  • How to find those ideal clients and referral sources.
  • How to manage your time and activity, so marketing and billable work are interconnected, and you don’t feel crazed in an effort to do everything.
  • How to generate ideas for writing and speaking that make you stand out from your competitors.
  • How to prioritize marketing and business development activities.

Understand these things, and you can design a relevant, active branding plan.

This plan allows your ideal client to see you, recognizing you as a leader in your practice area. The client can now recognize you as someone who can solve their problems.

By going through these deceptively simple steps, you can be noticed and remembered as a credible practitioner.

You can also learn how to dovetail your marketing work with your billable work. That way, you always have something in the pipeline. You don’t fall prey to the feast/famine cycle that results when you divorce getting the work from doing the work.

The RainMaster Branding & Positioning Blueprint

A virtual course of study in building your book of business.


what do I learn

The RainMaster Branding & Positioning Blueprint shows you simple steps to become highly visible so you can build a solid book of business.Using The RainMaster Branding & Positioning Blueprint, you learn how to:

  • Powerfully identify your Attorney Avatar, so you can clearly define your client experience, and communicate it to your staff.
  • Uncover your primary and secondary Marketing Identities, so you know exactly which marketing avenues deserve your time and attention.
  • Create and use a detailed Client Avatar, so you can reach your ideal audience through your marketing.
  • Identify your most strategic marketing avenues so you can reach your ideal clients.
  • Discover how to free up the time to develop credible visibility in the marketplace.
  • Generate a Nurture List of key contacts, then use that list to raise your marketplace profile, and move into business development conversations.
  • Identify your network of allies and discover how to expand your influence through them.

what do I get

  • A 90-day virtual program to design and implement your branding plan, raising your profile and your credibility in the marketplace.
  • Monthly office hours, so you can ask your question and get personalized feedback.
  • Two private telephone consultations with Julie Fleming at strategic points in the program. (Telephone consultations with Julie typically run $550 an hour when purchased a la carte.)
  • 14 modules of content, delivered in text and video via an online learning platform, that you can complete at your convenience, and review as many times as you’d like.

Only $500 per month for the
four months of the program.

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“Follow the program as designed–including completing the modules and assignments, using the access and support offered, and implementing the RainMaster strategies exactly as taught in the Blueprint—and if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the result…

I will personally work with you to make it right, so the strategies have the most impact on your branding and positioning in the marketplace, and in your practice.”

Building a Thriving Practice is easier than you think  when you have a plan customized just for you.

Join The RainMaster Branding & Positioning Blueprint


“I really like the RainMaster Branding & Positioning Blueprint because 1) it focuses on structured self-exploration that has provided valuable insight into one’s goals, values and personality; 2) this insight is essential in developing a robust business development strategy; 3) the strategy is centered around one’s personality, strengths and values as revealed in the program; 4) the strategy is truly custom-tailored; 5) it requires consistent work but the lessons are very manageable; 6) you get what you put into it; and 7) it’s unique and well-thought out.”

– Business Lawyer, Washington, DC

“The RainMaster Branding & Positioning Blueprint is a time efficient method learning how to develop business on a personal level.  Time efficient because you want the lectures at your convenience and answer questions that help you to apply the lesson to your own life.  It brings together everything that I have read about business development and helped me to see how it applies to me.”

  – Intellectual Property Attorney, New York, NY


How much time will the program take? When you join, you’ll receive immediate access to the content, and you can complete it in your own time. The program is broken into bite-sized segments that generally require about an hour per week to finish.

What if I fall behind? All materials remain available to you. You can catch up when you’re ready. As long as the internet and the program platform continue to exist, you will have access to the information. You can return to and implement the program on your own schedule.

What if I’m an introvert, I’m not a great speaker, I hate networking, or I don’t want to write? We’ll identify the activities that are the best fit for you, based on your primary & secondary marketing identities, and your branding assets. Unlike other programs, you’re not required to fit into an arbitrary model that was never designed for you or your practice. This program is about building a book of business. But it’s also about you.

This won’t help me get clients, so why should I bother? This is a marketing program, not specifically a business development program. However, if you try to get clients without building your brand as a practitioner and without positioning yourself well in the marketplace, you’re going to have very limited success. This is a proven course of study. And if you want a thriving practice, branding and positioning are foundational non-negotiables. Branding and positioning must be in place before your business development can succeed.

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